About Simna Clinic Center

Founded by  prof,Dr. Yasser AbdElrehim Simna Clinic offers the most advanced techniques for laparoscopic bariatric surgeries including gastric sleeve, gastric mini bypass and loop bipartition (SASI). Our mission is to help each patient approaching our clinics, to be cured of obesity and diabetes.



  • simna clinic Center stands as a center of excellence with highly specialized Medical staff that provides up to date medical services, which includes our team of doctors who consist of the most highly qualified Consultants and Specialists in the field.

  • Our goal as a private health sector is combining our national role and our sense of responsibility towards our society, we believe that we must pay attention to the impact of the private health sector in educating and raising awareness of the community regarding the health problems and diseases that may have a negative outcome that will contribute in the path of the health development in egypt and everywhere in Middle East.

  •   we place the patients at the center of our efforts, we do so by listening to their concerns, understanding their needs, honoring their choices and keeping them informed. We emphasize on recruiting and retaining dedicated and committed physicians and staff who value teamwork, open communication and mutual respect. We focus on accountability, continual improvement, and establishing highly engaged relationships with our patients.

welcome to Simna Clinic Center

On behalf of all the staff of The Simna Clinic  team we would like to extend a very warm welcome to you and thank you for choosing our clinic for your healthcare .


Our Mission

Providing high-quality care and integrated health services.

Recruiting highly skilled staff.

Using advanced technology .

Providing comprehensive and innovative patient and family centered health care .

Our Vision

Achieving global leadership, excellence and innovation in healthcare.

our Values


Quality: We maintain the highest standards and achieve them by continually measuring and improving our outcomes.


Service: We strive to exceed our patients’ and fellow caregivers’ expectations of quality, comfort and convenience.


Innovation: We welcome change, encourage invention and continually seek better, more efficient ways to achieve our goals.


Integrity: We adhere to high moral principles and professional standards by a commitment to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency.

Say goodbye to diabetes and obesity.


50 El Khalifa El Maamoun St., Floor 7, Mansheyet El Bakry, Heliopolis, Cairocini






5 pm to 8 pm

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